The Graham Physical Education Department has a grading criteria consisting of five categories:

Motor Skills/Concepts

Fitness Skills/Concepts

Social Skills/Concepts



Motor Skills/Concepts- Grades are given based on the motor skills taught through use of cues and daily practice during each unit, concepts and strategies for gameplay, performance post-assessments, and written post-assessments.

Fitness Skills/Concepts- Grades are given based on the daily fitness warm-up, effort and attitude towards fitness, concepts taught about fitness, and the "Fitness Day" for the week.

Social Skills/Concepts- Grades are given based on attitude, coming prepared to class with the proper equipment and clothing, cooperation, teamwork, and following of class rules and expectations.

Homework- Assignments given during some units reinforce information needed for class and are important to know to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tests- Written, Skill Based, Peer Assessment